"Dinner à la carte", the Italian evening meal or a simply aperitif are available both in summer and winter. A way of experiencing one of the most beautiful views of Assisi, tasting traditional dishes. A lighter alternative Italian meal is wine and dine. More casual, but still delicious, we suggest you try our starter with a sparking wine.

The Signora Elda (now a sprightly 80 years old) has dedicated her life to cooking in her Hotel so all of the family respect the tradition al values practiced. The Hotel Villa Elda presents Italian home cooking with an international touch and a vast choice of specialties  fro the region.
In the kitchen we only use the best genuine produce from the area which vary according to the season. If you are lucky enough to come to Assisi and be our guests, don’t miss the occasion of sharing with us a piece of our philosophy of life in tradition and good food.
The big fireplace in the restaurant was built in an old stable, above which the farmer lived and who looked after the Villa.