Some story

The hotel and restaurant Villa Elda is a 3 stars hotel built between 1888 and 1889  in a late Neo Classical style by two Roman brothers called Angelo and Luigi Nusiner as a wedding present for the their older brother.

In the 1935 after various owners it was inherited by Giuseppe Magano, who give it the name of “Villa  Mangano” which you can see by the sing on the gate, a name which remained until the end of the 1950’s.
During the second world  war in September 1943 the Villa was occupied by the German army and used as a place to stay for the officer of the Luftwaffe, late it was left abandoned after the war.

It continued to change hands until 1968 when Alviero Ciambella and his wife Elda changed the building from a simple holiday residence in to a hotel. A family accustomed to giving warm hospitality, for more than a century. The first license was dated in 1890 and so the name of “Villa Mongano” became  “Villa Elda” in honor of it’s new owner. The hotel represents more than a simple hotel, apart from genuine hospitality and comport there is also authentic Umbrian cooking.